QUADRIGA product palette made of Polyurethane and Vulkollan
QUADRIGA product palette made of Polyurethane and Vulkollan
+49 40 528 704-0 info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de
+49 40 528 704-0info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de

Product range

Range of semi-finished goods

Extensive assortment of plates and panels, round bars, pipes for every demand

Cast and moulded parts

Customer-specific castings for all branches



Elastomer spring elements

Standardized damping elements for machines and systems with high resilience

Snow scraper bars

Wear resistant in many sizes for clearing and industrial forklift vehicles

Clutch packets

Standardized, in rectangular and oval design

Protective vice jaws

Elastic protective elements for clamping delicate, sensitive workpieces

PUR-metal joints

Permanent adhesion of polyurethanes to metal bodies by means of vulcanization

Concrete-wear parts

Extensive range of wearing part products for concrete- / asphalt mixing devices

Wheels / castors / rollers

High load bearing strength and abrasion resistance for special applications


Turned and milled parts

Seals and other PUR articles manufactured by machining according to customer requirements

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T +49 40 528704-0

F +49 40 5237324



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