QUADRIGA turning and milling parts made of Polyurethane and Vulkollan
QUADRIGA turning and milling parts made of Polyurethane and Vulkollan
+49 40 528 704-0 info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de
+49 40 528 704-0info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de

Turned and milled parts

In the SPÄH Group our parent company SPÄH is specialized in the field of "turned and milled parts". The semi-finished product made from Vulkollan® and polyurethane is manufactured and supplied by QUADRIGA.


The precise, mechanical processing and machining of elastomers and high-performance plastics is carried out with powerful automatic CNC lathes as well as milling and machining centers. They cover a large range of efficient processing methods for bars, pipes and plates and as a result ensure the efficiency of the manufacturing process, even from batch size 1.


Our well stocked range of semi-finished products guarantees almost permanent availability of materials, prevents bottlenecks and thus increases the delivery reliability.


Apart from that, with milling and cutting plotters we produce large plastic parts according to your specifications, e.g. for drive plates, covers or mountings.




Vulkollan®, polyurethane as well as PUR-metal combinations.


Formats and dimensions


We produce your technical supplied parts with CNC precision in:

  • Bar machining up to 100 mm in diameter
  • Chuck machining up to 3,000 mm in diameter
  • Plate machining up to 2,000 x 1,000 x 100 mm ( L x W x H )
  • Milling machining center 420 x 300 x 150 mm ( L x W x H )


Our turned and milled parts are used, for example, in the following branches:


Drive- and conveyor technology, concrete processing, printing industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, supply industry

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