QUADRIGA protective vice jaws
QUADRIGA protective vice jaws
+49 40 528 704-0 info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de
+49 40 528 704-0info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de

Protective vice jaws

Elastic protective vice jaws made from polyurethane, 90 +-5 Shore A, brown, with glued in permanent magnets.




  • Suitable for all sizes and types of parallel vices for metalworking
  • Wide lips enable simple attachment to the vice
  • Splinter-proof, non-slip and anti-scratch elastomer coating
  • 3 x vertical and 1 x horizontal V-slots for mounting numerous diameters and irregular shapes (only with PRISMA)
  • Ensures a soft, firm grip without the risk of damage
  • Clamping of workpieces with delicate, painted, coated or polished surface (e.g. stainless steel, glass,…)
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Our protective jaws are used, for example, in the following branches:


Drive roller and conveyor technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction, supply industry

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