QUADRIGA castings and moldings made of Polyurethane and Vulkollane
QUADRIGA castings and moldings made of Polyurethane and Vulkollane
+49 40 528 704-0 info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de
+49 40 528 704-0info.quadriga[at]spaeh.de

Cast and moulded parts (individual production)

Due to their good resistance to chemicals and lubricants, weathering and radiation, high compressive strength, very high abrasion resistance and the low deformation, polyurethane cast and moulded parts are perfectly suited for seals or components in devices and machines.


With powerful casting plants and the group's own mold construction, we offer you a highly flexible polyurethane assortment, from individual part to volume production. Cast and moulded parts (also with metal reinforcement) from QUADRIGA have a variety of possible applications, e.g. as construction- and supplied parts.


The production takes place individually according to your specifications and drawings.


Technical data cast and moulded parts
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